Practical Examples

Sales corruption

An Executive Committee member received an anonymous tip from a whistle-blower, that the leader of a sales department of a European subsidiary bribes its customers. As the parent company does not tolerate such practices, Nodon carries out extensive internal inquiries. These inquiries highlighted not only suspected corrupt practices, but also showed how several sales people could benefit personally within such a non-transparent structure.

Internal Control System (ICS)

An organization became aware during the adaptation of an internal control system, that not all fraud risks are sufficiently addressed. They requested Nodon to do an assessment of the company’s internal processes with a specific focus on fraud risks.

Market/Price Fixing

Group management learns from a series of rumours that a division has discussed their sales activities with several competitors (markets and prices). Being concerned about the large fines which may ensue if litigated against, group management decides to hire Nodon to fully investigate the facts.

Private Equity

In the context of a large acquisition project, Nodon is included in the Due Diligence team to give a risk assessment of the susceptibility to economic crime (i.e corruption, conflicts of interest, fraud etc).

Combatting Insurance abuse

An insurance company has to pay out a number of benefits due to a personal injury. The insurance company mandates Nodon to carry out a focused forensic audit on the economic situation of the insured person resp. company.


An Asian subsidiary reported an unusual number of accounting adjustments. Although local management delivers plausible explanations, the Group Controller is left with a number of unanswered questions.  As part of a local investigation, it turns out that significant assets were fictitiously posted to conceal the unlawfully withdrawn funds.

Intellectual Property Theft

Shortly before the launch of a research-intensive product, an identical product made by an Eastern European manufacturer appears on the market.  Nodon is asked to attempt to localize the information leak and to amass evidence in preparation for a court case.

Account manipulation

Whilst analysing several years of business figures, it can be seen that the cash flow from operating activities is going in the opposite direction to that of turnover growth. An in-depth investigation by Nodon brings to light the booking of substantial fictitious revenues.